Safe Lipoplasy
Site de réference en chirurgie plastique
by El Hassane TAZI M.D.
Dr. El Hassane Tazi

- Plastic and Aesthetic surgeon
- World wide expert on the lipoplasty techniques
- World wide expert on the in vivo endoscopie of fat
- Corresponding Member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
- Professor at the lipoplasty University
- Active Member Of The New York Academy of Science
- Coeditor for the International aesthetic Plastic journal

- October 1976 Beginning of medical studies in the medicine university in Casablanca
- October 1984 Beginning of the specialty in aesthetic and plastic surgery
- June 1988 Obtaining of aesthetic and plastic surgery diploma in Montpellier France
- 1988 / 89 Residents in university hospital of Montpellier France
- October 1995 An honorary Member of the association of plastic and cosmetic surgeons.
- June 1995 Prize of the best scientific communication of the SOFCEP society française des chirurgiens esthetiques plasticiens.
- December 1997 Visiting professor at the New Jersey Chapter, American College Of Surgeons.
- December 1996 member of the task force of international society of ultrasonic surgery and faculty member
- October 1997 Selection for the international video journal of plastic surgery.
- September 1997 faculty member of LSNA American society of lipoplasty
- June 1997 moderator and faculty member of ISUS
- Summer 1996 Publication in aesthetic surgery quartly (American society for aesthetic plastic surgery, (USABC) ultrasonic assisted body contouring
- June 1995 & 97 moderator and faculty member of ISUS.
- June 1996 Selection for video library of French society of aesthetic surgery.
- Active Member of the American Society for Aestheique Plastic Surgery1999
- Panelist :San Francisco 1999 and Rome 2001
- Research study on the endermology affect on Cellulite
- 1998 asps appreciation for outstanding service and contribution to the advancement of aesthetic surgery
- June 1999 Innsbruck, Austria certificate of completion of training
- June 1999 Burlington invited visiting lecturer
- instructional course presenter for ASPRS PSEF and ASAPS 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001
- Publication in clinics in Plastic Surgery : July 1999 Chapter on the endomicroscopic comparison of various techniques and technologies of lipoplasty

Professional Society Memberships
- member and treasure of the Moroccan society of plastic and aesthetic surgery
- Active Member of ASAPS the American Society for Aestheique Plastic Surgery
- Member of the IPRAS International confederation of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery
- Active member of ICAPS international consortium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon
- An honorary Member of the I A plastic cosmetic surgeons.
- Active Member Of The New York Academy of Science
- Active and faculty member of LSNA American society of lipoplasty

Meeting CME
From 1990 to 2000: participation in more than 60 meetings: (with more than 40 presentations, visiting professor, panels, faculty mender, moderator, courses, co-chairman, free papers, abstracts and videos...)

SANFRANCISCO ASAPS 1995 & SPRS1997 , IPRAS 1999 panelist
ORLONDO SPRS 1996 , ASAPS 2000 instructional course presenter
NEW YORK ASAPS 1997, NEW JERSEY American College Of Surgeon 1997 ,
LOS ANGELES ASAPS 1998 , ASPRS 2000 instructional course presenter
SAO POLO ( ISAPS 97 , ISUS 97 moderator and faculty member)
PORTUGAL (ALGARVE ISUS 1995 moderator and faculty member )
MADRIDE 1992 , IPRAS 2001 panelist
PARIS sofcep3 times, scprs 4 times, sfce 4 times, isaps ,
TOULOUSE videoforom 4 times
ROMA 1993 ,
CAIRO SECPE 94-95-96
KUWAIT middle east conference 1996
AMAN 1996

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